Want to be the Hare instead of the Tortoise when trying to learn spanish ?

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Just want to add this Post to my Blog. It is written by Marcus Santamaria who founded the Award Winning Program,Synergy Spanish, for learning Spanish fast

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We all know Aesop’s Fable about the Tortoise and the Hare.
Slow and steady wins the race.

So, we hang in there.

More grammar, more rules, more words but…

We still can’t speak Spanish.

Maybe we need to rethink the fable, after all the Hare only
lost because he stopped for una siesta.

When it comes to learning a language, the Tortoise still
wouldn’t have reached the finish line today.

You first goal in learning Spanish is likely to get by in the

Have you ever taken a Spanish lesson and come away
feeling like you didn’t learn anything?

Have you ever done a class and left not having the faintest
idea how to say anything?

Have you ever been in a language class felt so confused
your mind just went blank?

Most language classes have that effect. You learn a piece
here, a word there, and then some grammar rules.

None of it connects. It doesn’t give you a feeling of confidence
to speak the language. In fact, it often makes you more self-
conscious and tongue-tied.

Yet being good little tortoises we persist with these painful
classes that aren’t going anywhere, hoping one day it all
falls into place.

Sadly when it comes to the language race the tortoise never
reaches the finish line.”

Sooner or later any language is just too disappointing to put
up with any longer if you can’t hold a conversation.

I know because I was the Tortoise in French, Italian and

I don’t speak French Italian or Chinese. I gave up on all those
languages years ago.

I started like the Tortoise in Spanish also, and I came very
close to giving it up as well.

Fortunately, I found out how to become the Hare. And I didn’t
stop for a nap.

What put power behind my language was as simple 3-step
formula for putting Spanish sentences together.

If you have ever felt like the Tortoise stuck at the starting line
these 3-steps will get you moving.

Try it Here

There’s no point battling along thinking one day it will all fall
into place.

It won’t!

Yet, with this 3-step formula you can speak Spanish from the
get go. It’s wonderfully satisfying to make this breakthrough
in your Spanish.

Anyone can use it at any age. So, don’t feel like the Tortoise
any longer. Give it a whirl and Say adios to the Tortoise by clicking the link below;
Click Here, for learning Spanish fast

Power Patterns for Espanol !!

Hey guys !! Hope you are having a good New Year.

I want to talk today about the similarities and differences with Spanish and English. The fact is as much as there are differences there are definitely many similarities between these two languages. Thus they have mucho encomun !! ;)

So this is actually great news !!
And I have discussed in past posts there are many, many words that are essentially interchangeable between the two languages.

Words that you can immediately recognize like universidad, revolución,
problema etc.,

And it goes even into more detail than that. Not just the words but there are also speaking patterns that are similar between the two.

If you are in una clase tradicional you could completely skip
these similitudes.

So if you get engrossed in studying las diferecias triviales in the text book stuff you will miss the really la gran oportunidad in learning espanol in an efficient and thorough way !!

And the biggest opportunity is to make use of the similar speaking patterns so you can start to speak spanish in a flowing manner right away !!

Here’s some examples of what I am trying to get across……..

Much like English you can talk about the future in Spanish by saying, voy !! Which means talking about the future.

voy a comer.
I am going to eat.

voy a invitar a mi profesor a la fiesta.
I am going to invite my teacher to the party.

voy a visitar a mi amigo mañana.
I am going to visit my friend tomorrow.

As in English there’s also a pattern in Spanish for speaking about
something that you just did. In English we say, “I just + (verb) “while
in Spanish you say acabo de + (verbo)

It works like this,

Acabo de escuchar el peor chiste del mundo.
I just heard the worst joke in the world.

Acabo de comer.
I just ate

Acabo de hablar con mi amigo.
I just spoke with my friend.

Acabo de aprender a hablar del futuro en español.
I just learned to speak about the future in Spanish.

Acabo de aprender mas español con Roberto.
I just learned more Spanish with Roberto.

Now isn’t it easy to see how identifying relatively easy speaking pattern can result in learning more Spanish ?

You will learn way more Spanish this way than learning from text books about pronouns, verbs, grammatical correct sentences etc…

These Spanish patterns will help get you in the ballgame right away to speaking Espanol !
And do not forget about our Flagship program, Synergy Spanish, that will help you do this and much, much more. We are talking about taking 140 Spanish words and turning them into 189,000 useful Spanish words and sentences with this Program!!

Feliz Navidad and Happy Holidays from LearnEasySpanish.Com

Hola friends,
I hope you guys out there have a wonderful holiday full of good cheer. For those who do not celebrate the holidays have a great one too !! :>) I will be off the next couple of weeks visiting family and friends out of town. But come the New year I will be ready to go with some new,exciting things to add to the website here. So stay tuned !! :)

In meantime, be sure to check out our Flagship Program called Synergy Spanish

Spanish is a beautiful language that English speaking folks need to really learn. The thing is there are more and more people all over the World who are are learning this language. And that means people such as US citizens need to pick it up as a necessity to stay current with the times. When your neighbors, community groups, banks, stores etc. speak Spanish isn’t it time you learn it too ??

Looking forward to a great 2012 !!

The best of cheers,

Speak Spanish like a four year old would !

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Let me ask you something guys……….when was the last time you heard a mother correcting their 4 year old that they need to use a past tense pronoun in a sentence or have the child correctly speaking the object of the preposition instead of using the preposition by
itself ??

The fact is you really never see this scenario. Why ? Because as a young child to be able to converse at a reasonable level with your parents in English or Spanish it does not have to be spoken at a college level with all the grammar being perfect. This is what we term a grammarian !!

The same goes with an adult who is learning a language like Spanish. To be able to converse with native Spanish speakers you do not have to be a grammarian, but rather someone who has a good grip of the language and can understand and speak the language to a respectable level.

Of course a three old is able to learn a language quicker than an adult who is already used to speaking another language and is set in those ways he is familiar with.

But the good news is that a grown adult can grasp the Spanish Language and turn 140 words into 188,000 useful sentences and dialogue in a relatively short period of time !

Dont worry about being a grammarian because adults whose native language is Spanish, English, or any language do not follow grammar to the tee when they speak amongst each other. In fact being a grammarian when talking would be confusing to people and they would probably make fun of each other.

Like I said earlier SYNERGY SPANISH, will take 140 words and turn them in to almost 190,000 useful Spanish dialogue and sentences.

You will be able to speak and understand Spanish with even the most native Spanish speakers with Synergy Spanish . Check it out HERE for learning Spanish fast

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Words and Patterns will Help Your Spanish While Textbooks won’t !!

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Hey guys, I bet you did not know that just over 101 words make up nearly 71% of all the Spanish that is spoken !!

Most of the Spanish courses out there try to grind you with complicated past tenses and many grammatical structures.

But with the correct patterns you can use only 137 words and make over 87,000 phrases and sentences !

Just like English it takes some time and patience to really get down and learn the complexities of Spanish. Particularly if you are a grown adult who has only spoken English or some other language their whole Life….its tough to learn Spanish !!

But lets take away all these nuisances and make Spanish really fun, learning the words that are really needed to speak Spanish with others.

Lets don’t worry about the strict grammatical techniques and dont worry about faults that may come at first by focusing on strict rules !!

Lets be able to speak Spanish to other people who speak it as their only language. A majority of these native Spanish speakers use the language in a way that does not correlate to many of the courses that try to teach Spanish today.

Good teaching allows you to have fun and enjoy yourselves and succeed. And it  is not concerned about the intricacies of the language.

How about we start looking at the language as something that allows you to speak as soon as possible and do it successfully ?

What if instead of obsessing over rules we looked for
patterns of speaking that allow

you to speak as soon
as possible?

You see, language is made up of patterns and everything
is held together by words.

And if you start out with the most useful words and patterns you can take it to a new level pretty quickly !

Like what is mentioned above you can take 137 words and turn it into a useful 87,000+  sentences and phrases.

Pretty nifty ,uh !!.

Check out our Flagsip Program called SYNERGY SPANISH. It is unlike any other course as it teaches patterns rather than just the words. Combining these words with patterns will help you speak Spanish and skyrocket your ability to speak Spanish in a short period of time.

Lets take the complexity and the particulars out of the Spanish language and lets put it into a no nonsense fashion where you are learning real Spanish that you can fluently speak with native Spanish speakers !!

 Click HERE :) to be able to do just that !!

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Want Spanish? Then avoid the silly games. Show Details

Article by Marcus Santamaria
Creator of Synergy Spanish

Not everyone likes how I teach. Students usually love it, but the
language coordinators I’ve worked with, they are another story.

Once when I was teaching English in Mexico the coordinator came
into my classroom to show me how it was done.

A student asked me the meaning of an English word.

I was about to give him the translation when the coordinator jumped
in and took over my class.

We then went through 5 minutes of craziness. It was somewhere
between a circus, a pantomime and a vaudeville act.

She mimed. She used hand signals. She acted.

Yet, as I looked around the room all I saw was blank stares. I look
back at the coordinator and she’s still going on with the show.

By now she’s practically doing hand stands and juggling. Then about
5 minutes into the festivities, she starts using the word in a sentence.

Now the students are guessing the meaning, but they still they can’t
figure it out.

Finally someone yells out the word in Spanish. The coordinator points
to them with a big smile and says…

Sí, eso es. – Yes, that’s it

The whole circus act was supposedly so we didn’t use Spanish in the
classroom, yet the student translated into Spanish and the coordinator
answered in Spanish.

Why didn’t she just translate it in the first place?

Solo Dios sabe! (God alone knows!)

I’m not sure what it is about foreign language teaching, but people
come up with the goofiest ideas. They either seem to think you have to
pound students with grammar or entertain them with games.

Yet, expressing yourself freely in another language is entertaining
enough. No one needs the sideshow.

It’s thrilling when you discover you can say what you want to say in
Spanish. And it’s exhilarating when you try it in real life on Spanish
speakers and they get what you say right away.

I’ve haven’t found a faster way for you to experience sensation of
success with Spanish than learning the most powerful Spanish patterns
first. They open up the language for you. In fact, there are a handful of
patterns so powerful that just 138 words can be turned into 88, 0000

My advice is to forget the grammar, forget the charades and get your
Spanish started with power patterns first.

Welcome guys and you have got to check out this video for learning Spanish in 8 weeks or less!

Click HERE
to check out our Award Winning Program,Synergy Spanish, for learning Spanish fast !!

To Learn or Not to Learn Spanish Online

Learning a language is exciting and interesting. You get to learn how to speak in a different language other than what you’ve learned since birth. It makes you look smart doesn’t it?

But that’s not all what learning a language can give you. It can open doors and countless opportunities if you know more than 1 language. It’s not just about the basic greetings and goodbyes. It’s about having a new quest for language fluency.

That’s right!

Saying greetings and goodbyes are important, but you have to know more in order to gain more. To Learn Spanish Online is just one of the many opportunities you can have for free in the internet. What’s more, you have an access to free lessons and tutorials from native speakers all over the world.

What’s so important about learning Spanish  you say ? Especially if everyone around the world is trying to learn English? Isn’t English enough?

You’re right, a great percentage of people are trying to learn English but you must have forgotten that English is just one of the major languages in the world. Being fluent in English is just wonderful but not as wonderful or great if you can speak in a different language other than that. That willl make you an asset in any company you work for. Imagine being able to widen your horizon through language, wouldn’t that be great?

It is indeed advantageous on your part to be able to speak a different language. Next thing you know you’ll be a sought after employee, Why? Because having someone on the team who knows how to speak a different language is an asset. You’re an asset. So think about it, the time is now to Learn Spanish Online!

And there is no better way to learn Spanish than with our Award Winning Program called,  SYNERGY SPANISH !! It will help you to speak fluent Spanish in no time with a  no nonsense approach. Check it out HERE

Learn How to Speak Spanish as Early as Now

Bring out your thinking caps and learn how to speak panish now. It’s not too late for you to catch up with the world’s fastest leading language next to English. Studies show that in USA alone, there are a great number of immigrants and residents alike who speak the Spanish language rather than English. That is also why businesses around the world saw its importance in marketing and advertising and in other aspects of the community other than that.

More importantly, Spanish is taking over the world faster than before so don’t be surprised when the time comes when the Spanish language will be one of the subjects you need to study in school.

It really is a great advantage for everybody who knows how to speak the language of spanish. Even those who only know the basics are really lucky. Think of it as a challenge you need to take on in order to accomplish your dreams. Will you wait until your company or place of work replaces you with people who speak Spanish? Spanish is important to learn now.

This unofficial second language next to English is being spoken in 21 different countries all over the world. With 400 million people who speak Spanish, don’t you think it’s about time to speak it too? It’ll be your very own asset which you can be proud of.

Learning a new language can be fun. You are not only giving yourself a chance to become knowledgeable but also a chance for other people to voice out through you. So don’t waste another minute being skeptic about it, learn how to speak Spanish now!

Why is It Important to Learn How to Speak Spanish?

Consider for a moment how it would be easy for you to travel, get a job and communicate to foreigners just by learning how to speak Spanish. Of course, not everybody speaks Spanish, just almost 50% of the world does. The fact of the matter is Spanish, much like English is influencing a great percentage of the world’s population day by day. Who knows maybe a few years from now, Spanish will be the number one language that everybody needs to learn. Wouldn’t it be great to learn ahead?

You may not believe it but there are companies that require you to speak Spanish not to mention other languages like French, Japanese and German. The reason, we are living in a diverse world where even neighbors come from different corners of the planet and the majority of immigrants are Spanish, Mexicans, Japanese, Koreans and others. Learning Spanish can make it easier for you to understand the culture of everyone around you not just the American culture.

Another thing that’s important in learning the Spanish language is because it can be your stepping stone to learning other languages like French, for example. Spanish like English is the next language which is easiest to understand and learn. Its close similarities to Mexican-Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian languages make it universal. It’s phonetics, delivery and spelling is also close to English. That’s why it’s one important tool of communication to learn.

Basically, there are numerous communities out there who can relate to the Spanish language. And that’s also the reason why it is an asset for anybody to learn How To Speak Spanish.